The Primogen are advisors to the Prince and Prefect, often the most powerful or influential of their clans, and almost always elders. Strangely, only 2 of the 5 (possibly 3) are older than 100.

Ventrue: Lord Ruthven- The oldest Kindred in town, very very, very old fashioned, wise, and bigoted. A recluse, most kindred have never even met him.

Daeva: Tasha Nikko of Invictus—Herald and youngest Primogen. She is the Prince’s grandchilde as well as acts often as Prince Henry‘s mouthpiece to the Primogen and city. She’s nice but is one of the most ambitious vampires in the city.

Gangrel: Heather Brooks, Lawyer of Carthians. Only slightly older than Tasha, she got her position when the last gangrel Primogen became Sheriff.

Mekhet: Dr. Varney, Scholar and Surgeon, of Ordo Dracul. Came to city as vampire doctor, meaning he could heal supernatural wounds faster and better than nearly anything. Very wise and powerful, friendly to neonates but still distant, as he focuses usually on research and Medicine.

Nosferatu: None. Unofficially Marsyas is the Nosferatu Primogen. He doesn’t act as Primogen but has killed the last 4 Kindred who were made Nosferatu Primogen, so the position is left empty partially in his honor, partially because every other Nosferatu is too scared of him to accept the position. More on him below.


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