Ordo Dracul Roster

Monsieur Sebastian Melmoth: Mekhet magician, knows more disciplines and blood magic than any kindred in town. Leader of Ordo Dracul. Very charismatic but unambitious. (Think a combination of Dracula and Lestat, with some Saruman thrown in there as well).

Dr. Francis Varney: Mekhet surgeon who spends most of his time studying medicine or in his role as Primogen. Cool and methodical but friendly and helpful to neonates when available.

Layla: A member of Carthian movement, actually a member of the Order of the Dragon to overcome vampiric limitations.

Gregor Huxley: Ventrue Scientist trying to understand more of the Kindred condition. Unknown to many kindred as he just barely came to LA.

Reggie Finch: Nosferatu hacker who works for various factions/elders to help modernize their security. Reputed to be able to get in ANYWHERE in the city due to the fact that he designed the security for most vampires in the city. Likely not bright enough to know the amount of power that gives him, though it also keeps him alive. (or dead, depending on how you look at it)

Bethany Swain- Ventrue who thinks this is all just a dream. Mechanical genius, also has a tendency to fall in love with machinery. Many avoid her as she’s crazy as a something that’s really crazy.

Allistaire Lee-Daeva Martial Artist who wishes to be invincible.

Collette Tubman-Blind Ventrue who supposedly has dozens of ghouls throughout the city, many/most of them animals. Dwells in the sewer. Besides Sebastian she is the most secretive/secluded member of the Order.

Bruno Axeman- Gangrel academic who wants to learn as much as he can about everything.

Zoe Wilde- Nosferatu recluse who wants to be Primogen but fears Marsyas. Allied with Circle of the Crone leaders.

Ursula-Mekhet. Second rival to Mssr. Sebastian on who knows more Coils. Makes no qualms that she thinks leadership of the Order should be hers, as well as leadership of the city.

Ordo Dracul Roster

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