Welcome to Los Angeles

about 30 years ago the vampire James River came to Los Angeles from Arizona to discover it was completely empty of Kindred. This was to say the least disturbing, as the year before there were hundreds.

Soon vampires began populating the city again, with River as the de facto Prince. Most vampires belonged to either the Carthian Movement that River supported or the neo-feudalistic Invictus. Soon it became populated again with vampires like most every other city in the country. The mystery of what happened has been postulated but never conclusive. Most kindred view it as one of unlife’s great mysteries and don’t worry too much. Others search madly for an answer, fearing that if they don’t find out what happened before it will happen again.

Around 200 vampires currently call Los Angeles home. By most vampires estimation (those who know enough or care enough to estimate) there are less than 6 active mages and less than 5 werewolves in the city or surrounding areas.

The ruling Carthians are currently aligned with the Invictus, therefore the city is under a diumvirate of rule by the Invictus Prince Jessica Henry and the Carthian Prefect Joe. (River had stepped down to let Prefect Joe take his place. That’s what most vampires assume. However, some think he was killed by Joe, Prince Henry, or someone/thing else.) The Vampires of every faction pay at least lip service to the Carthian/Invictus diumvirate, apart from Belial’s Brood, who mostly occupy Northern Los Angeles and keep to themselves. There are laws to kill any Belial’s Brood member on sight, but they currently keep to themselves and do a decent enough job of upholding the Masquerade. The Circle of the Crone and Lancea Sanctum members mostly keep to themselves and their own interests, quite a few kindred of other factions go to Circle of the Crone or Lancea Sanctum ceremonies/services. The Ordo Dracul are a rare bunch, the smallest faction in the city with several of the most powerful kindred in their ranks. It’s been said that their leader, Sebastian Melmoth, could take over the city single-handedly without much strain, but he and his covenant are content in their studies and own affairs for the time being.

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